UMAI Gets Your Guests Back More Often

See why one of our restaurants calls us "free money"


 Increased revisits



Newsletters are dead. UMAI lets  sends personalized messages to get customers back

Automatic, personalized messaging

Know how much money our software is making you with weekly reports. Expect $2-$9 per email sent

Track your revenue

After your 30 min setup, our software runs on autopilot. No need to spend 10 hours making an EDM each month

Set it & Forget it

Newsletters and EDMs don't bring guests back. Personalized messages do.

UMAI's automated marketing system sends messages that are so personalized, your customers will think you are writing directly to them. You'll save time and get more than 20x more customers than your newsletters/EDMs

We capture data from your existing reservation system, and/or when customers log info wifi

Step 1.

Our artificial intelligence sends email, whatsapps, and SMS that are so personalized, your guests feel like your are writing directly to them

Step 2.

We track your revenue and tell you how much you are making from our system

Step 3.

How it works:  

-First time customers to get them back a second time

-Customers who spent a birthday or anniversary with you

-Customers with upcoming birthdays

-Customers who have not been back in 1/2/3/etc. months

-Customers who been for dinner but not lunch or visa versa

-Corporate reservations

-Loyal customers


Our targeting:

Pick one source of data, or both: wifi and reservations


We provide you with a system that captures guests' contact information and more data when they use your wifi 


We collect your customer data from all major reservation systems in Asia Pacific. Continue using the system you have

This can take as little as 30 minutes

How to get started

Create an account, and set up campaigns

We’ll run in the background, helping your to get your customers back more often

Go back to business as usual



We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a call, and answer your questions

Request a demo


Some of our clients:

Blu Kouzina

@Gigi Tsakiris

"Its like free money. We signed, created accounts, and are hitting close to $7,000 in revenue per month."

Month to month payment

Cancel any time

Pricing Starts At:

$ 70 USD

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